Legendary Scene

The Mystery Man said it “This was your most legendary scene ever!” and he was right. Let me tell you all about what happened last Friday night during our Guided Sex Club tour when 12 open-minded explorers joined me for a guided journey of an adult playground. And trust me when I say it – we’ve had some REALLY SPICY scenes. There was one with a forced bi (when a male model was guided to service another man), public pegging and humiliation scene, tied up tickling scene, electric play scene while a model was residing 100 digits of Pi, stranded ‘enslaved Goddess’ play that was brought to an orgasm and so on.

The Friday scene started off in an Orgy Room – our beautiful and fearless model didn’t know what was in store for her (we did of course discuss her boundaries / Yes, No and Maybe list etc. but kept the actual scene a surprise). Her partner, me and another wonderful tour volunteer started slowly undressing her, encouraging her to show herself to us, feel exposed and vulnerable, be  a ‘great pet’. Once she became absolutely naked, looked at by all 12 of us as we instructed her to turn around and show herself to us, a strict guard came in and had mentioned that she didn’t behave well enough and needed to be punished. She was then blind folded and paraded around the club for everyone to see, ending up in a dungeon.

A very sensual scene has followed, Leha was bound with rope, touched and aroused by multiple people, played with using toys, vibrator, floggers. At some point she was also instructed to pleasure her partner and yours truly (I had a strap-on and I watched and guided her in her worshiping skills). The memory that was etched in my mind was when Leah (bound and dominated, blindfolded, overwhelmed by pleasure and sensation) was ecstatically moaning, moving her beautiful body and exuding so much pleasure, vulnerability, surrender and acceptance that it affected everyone around us. Freedom, joy and ultimately incredibly powerful sexual life force. Everyone loved it. Leah had her fantasy fulfilled, her partner and Greg (our incredible co-Dom) really enjoyed participating in the scene, the newcomers have experienced and learned so much. And I felt so utterly grateful to be able to create and spread around this wonderfully enticing, inspiring and pleasure-filled essence. Thank you.

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  1. I am trying to send my details for a sensual healing meditation but when I fill all the required details it does not accept it says error occurred

    1. Hi Tahir,
      I’m very sorry to hear this. I just added you, please check your email for the gift.
      Please let me know which page is giving you the error and I’ll make sure it works.
      Thank you for bringing this to my attention.

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