Practitioner Certification Program Modules 1 and 2 Starting soon

Practitioner Certification
Professional Practitioner Certification is starting very soon again!
Are you a coach, a guide or a therapist and would like to add the energy orgasm facilitation and healing skills to your toolbox? I offer Spirit Sex Lab Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification program – a 10 class immersive course (offered over 5 months) structured on the healing / energy work foundation with a body of work involving sexual force incorporation. The comprehensive program includes:

  • Healing fundamentals
  • Increasing intuitive and high sense perception
  • Personal work
  • Foundational healing principles
  • Emotional blockage removal
  • Energy orgasm fundamentals
  • Facilitation, tips and tricks
  • Supervision and advanced sexual healing techniques
Please join FREE Overview webinar on July 14th at 7:00pm EST and contact me ( to learn more about the program today and join in! Spaces are extremely limited.

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