What if you really believed you were limitless? What if you felt confident, at peace, sensually open and playful? What if you connected with others with ease and could achieve anything you set your mind to?

I am so excited about the small yet powerful open-hearted group I’m launching in September, but I need your help with the name. Please vote for the following names:

  • Limitless
  • Synergy of limitless potential
  • Magnetic Confidence
  • Opening
  • Rising in Synergy

Here’s a bit about the group:

  • This incredible group that is build on a foundation of Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace and Energy Orgasm Solo Mastery courses (included charge free) is a bi-weekly practice of getting support and having honest, direct conversations with others. We bring together small group of 7 people, hand-picked for you.
  • Group meets online for 90 minutes, every other week and is professionally facilitated by me.
  • The group is designed to help you connect authentically and explore together, to give you multiple diverse perspectives on yourself and your life, to give you a place to share, and process life outside of friends and family. To give you bi-weekly deeply authentic “me” time.
  • It’s about digging deep, sharing authentically, asking insightful questions, active listening, meaningful conversations, being honest and upfront even if it’s uncomfortable, it’s about challenging each other to discover insights that enable personal growth.
  • We navigate topics such as finding purpose, relationship challenges, sexual wellness, personal development, self love.



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