Experience Complimentary Deep Healing

Healing Body Scan Meditation

FREE Healing Body Scan Meditation – Compliments of Spirit Sex Lab

Join me live tomorrow at Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification webinar at 7:00PM EST to experience a Live Healing Meditation or DOWNLOAD IT FREE HERE!

The Healing Body Scan Meditation contains

  • Soothing sounds of nature and water droplets
  • Amazing trance-inducing music of Singing Bowls composed by me
  • My gentle voice (did I mention a sexy Russian accent lol?) leading you through a healing journey adventure into the depths of your body, heart, mind and soul
  • Guidance on recognizing internal blockages and how to clear them away
  • Energetic frequency waves embedded into the audio helping you feel recharged and grounded

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P. S. Gorgeous photo by wonderful Darius Bashar – I just magically tend to be drawn to his photos for my designs!

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