Attention Men: 6 Strategies on how to be a better lover

Attention Men: 6 Strategies on how to be a better lover

Have you been out of dating scene for a while and would like to upgrade your knowledge / skills? Are you looking to learn more ways on how to blow your partner’s mind and enjoy deeply satisfying sensual relationships? Or, perhaps, you’re looking to learn how to slow down and deeply and mindfully enjoy your sexual play?

  • Become aware of and start working on your own blockages
    A great first step to take is to become aware of any blockages connected to shame, guilt, judgements that may be preventing you from embracing your full expressive self. It may be anxiety you feel while connecting with a lover, a conservative upbringing energy that is still affecting the way you act, or perhaps, unkind words someone has thoughtlessly said to you and they stuck. Notice, start working on dissolving these and embracing your powerful sexual energy unapologetically and blissfully.
  • Learn to mindfully direct and enjoy your sexual energy
    Majority of our time is spent thinking, acting, producing results. We rarely if ever stop to simply be and enjoy the now. Ability to tune into your own energetic flow allows you to be able to feel, get in touch with and direct this powerful energy source. Mindfulness, meditation and energetic exercises are powerful ways to become mindfully aware and start directing / moving sexual energy, slow down and enjoy the bliss.
  • Open yourself up to sexy communication
    Quite often I meet clients that struggle expressing their dreams, fantasies or worries and issues when it comes to sexuality. The topic is so taboo that discussing sensual subjects feel inappropriate or in bad taste. Quite the opposite is actually true: the more we openly, without judgements or shame / guilt allow ourselves to talk about sex, the better our sexual experiences become.
  • Understand and embrace your partner’s preferences
    Holding space for our partners, asking them about their biggest fantasies or darkest desires and listening openly without a judgement is the best gift you could give to a loved one. Taking this one step further, start preparing steamy, sexy fantasy experiences and scenes based on their preferences and they will love you forever!
  • Upgrade your sexy skill set repertoire
    Never stop learning new sexy skills, tips tricks – did you know, for example, that clitoris is a large wish bone shaped organ with 8,000 nerve endings? Solely dedicated to producing mind blowing pleasure? Dive into the wonderful spectrum of sexuality outside of the typical few positions and ways to stimulate a partner and learn how to awaken their whole body, entice their mind, connect to their hearts and activate sensual energy bliss using seduction, tease and denial, words, toys, energy play, breath / movement, fingers etc.
  • Add creativity, playfulness and a touch of magic
    Keep allowing yourself to fully appreciate your partner’s body, mind, heart and soul. Deeply connect and surprise, entice, playfully connect and deny / force pleasure (all consensually of course). Use role play, kink, tantra, sensuality and raw sexuality to blow their mind with the range and depth of your connection and don’t forget to let them know how attractive, alluring and irresistible you find them with each sound, stroke, look and movement you make.

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