Q & A: Female Orgasms

female orgasms
Female Orgasms

Q: “Hi Evguenia, I’d like to find out how to rock my girlfriend’s world with amazing orgasms!” A. E.

A: Hi A., thank you for reaching out! It’s a great question and you sound like a very loving and caring person! Below are a few suggestions I have on how to help a woman have amazing, mind blowing orgasms. Of course, this is such a vast topic! But I’ll try to include as much of an overview as I can.

Turn Ons, Turn Offs and Love Languages

One thing we need to keep in mind is that we cannot really “facilitate” the orgasm, but we can allow it to happen by approaching the connection, play and sexuality holistically. We’re all different and therefore various things turn us off and on. Often, the very things that allow women to achieve orgasms could be non sexual, yet emotional in nature. These could be feelings of being accepted, Loved, cared for and not rushed.

We all have different Fantasies, preferences and things that turn us on (put us in sexual, playful mood) and turn us off (put breaks on any type of sexual activity). It’s important to invest some time into realizing our preferences as well as our main Love Languages / Primary Senses. I go through these explorations with my clients in Workshops and Private Sessions and they always offer great insights into personal and couple’s preferences.

Once we’re clearly aware of the types of activities, experiences, states of being, visual stimuli etc. that turn us on/off; we could focus on enhancing them to make the female partner feel more comfortable with the experiences.

Types of Orgasms Females could achieve

Another point to remember is that only a small percentage of women have vaginal orgasms (25%), while the majority of females experience clitoral ones. Below are the various types of orgasms that females may be able to achieve, learning more about them, female anatomy and best techniques associated with stimulation, could be a great start:

  • Clitoral Orgasm
    • On contrary to how most of us perceive a clitoris as a small “button like” area at the top of the vulva, it is actually quite a Big Organ built solely for pleasure. It is important to get familiar with female anatomy to better understand the size/location of clitoris
  • Vaginal Orgasm (with or without squirting)
    • There seem to be two distinct types of orgasm that originate from vaginal stimulation – G spot orgasm and a Cervical One.
    • G spot could be stimulated through the upper vaginal wall and may result in amazing full body orgasm followed by female ejaculation or squirting.
    • Cervical orgasm usually originates from strong thrusting of the cervical region
  • Blended Orgasm could be a combination of Vaginal and Clitoral orgasms
  • Energy Orgasm
    • Amazing Full Body Experience that could be facilitated touch free or in conjunction with physical stimulation

To learn more about these orgasms, and techniques to stimulate the areas to achieve more pleasure – Please Contact Me

Stimulation Variations

There are so many variations to playing with a partner – this could include multiple dimensions of mind, heart, body and soul. Setting up the sensual/loving space, coming up with steamy play scenarios, Using BDSM, Tantra or Energy play into the mix… Dirty talk, compliments, oral, digital, toys, penetration, various strokes, Separating Giving and Receiving, Edging are just some of the ways to keep your female partner begging for more.


Please keep in mind that the best way to approach a playful session is without a goal in mind. The intention should be set to explore pleasure, play and receive joy not to achieve an orgasm. The latter puts too much pressure onto both partners. Finding new ways to play with each other, researching new techniques, connecting emotionally to each other and keeping our best interests in mind ensures for best love making sessions ever!

I hope you found this article useful. For more in depth exploration of the topic of communications and personal sensual exploration – please see some of the Services I Offer and feel free to Reach Out.

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