Start Experiencing Energy Orgasms

Energy Orgasm

Are you curious to Start Experiencing Energy Orgasms? Below are a few important steps I recommend you take on your journey towards this profound, touch free ecstatic phenomenon.

In order to start experiencing Energy Orgasms, generally most of the following steps need to take place (to read more please get my book Alice in Polyland:

Practice sensing energy

  • Energy is all around us, feeling into it is just like tuning into a faint radio station
  • Notice the sensation of openness you feel when you are experiencing love
  • Focus on the sexual energy flow around your genitals as you’re getting aroused
  • Tune into emotions such as fear, anger and see how they live in your body
  • All of the above techniques will help you become more sensitive to the energy all around

Explore meditative and energetic exercises

  • Meditation and energetic exercises help us heighten our high sensory perception and practice directing energy in ways we could later use to achieve ecstatic and blissful experiences

Learn about the human energy system and blocks

  • Energetic blocks prevent healing frequencies from getting into our field
  • Blocks affect our body, heart, and mind
  • Learn your own block configurations and become mindful of them

Release energetic blockages

  • Work on releasing the stagnation through movement, meditation, expressive arts, therapy, and energy healing

Exercise energy movement

  • Use sound, breath, visualizations, intention, movement and other techniques to direct the energy in order to achieve the blissful, ecstatic experiences

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