FREE From chaos to calm in your day to day work – September 28

From chaos to calm in your day to day work

Would you like to boost your daily productivity and learn powerful tips on transitioning from work to personal life? Join our 2 hour complimentary workshop to learn 5 principles of daily work life balance. It’s a brand new webinar I’ve created in collaboration with my peer, Maggie Perotin, founder of Stairway to Leadership.

This 2-hour free webinar is for you if:

  • You’re working from home and have difficulty establishing boundaries between work time and personal “home” time.
  • You work in an office, and when you come back from work, you’re so tired all you want to do is veggie on a couch (with which your partner is not happy, and you feel guilty anyway)
  • You get distracted during your work day, wasting much time procrastinating or being “busy” but not accomplishing much.

Maggie and I combined our expertise and created this unique training to boost your productivity and successfully transition from work to personal life each day.

We’ll share with you 5 principles of daily work-life balance and practices tips on how to implement them successfully:

  1. Starting your day on a good note
  2. Staying focused and productive when working
  3. What to do if plans fall apart
  4. Transitioning from work to personal life
  5. Being the CEO of your life

If it seems like something you can benefit from, decide now to attend.

REGISTER HERE (Can’t make it? Sign up to get the webinar’s recording)
And commit 100% to showing up and making the best out of it for YOU.

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