Sexual Energy Awareness

Welcome to a beautiful November! Today we’re going to focus on exploring our sexual energy! Did you know that your sexual energy is also your creative and life energy? It is a powerful and highly misunderstood force. Sexual energy is probably the most judged energy as well – culturally, and socially. Is that because it holds so much power?

Take this moment to tune into yourself and see how alive and vibrant your sexual energy is. To do this, you can close your eyes, take a couple of deep belly breaths, and focus on your perineum. Internally gaze over your buttocks, genitals, and lower stomach. Breathe into this area and notice – what does this part of you need? If you were to give it a voice, what would it say? Which images, and memories come up for you? Which experiences are you becoming aware of – openness/freedom or tightness? Which emotions are you holding inside? Let’s set one intention going forward!! This could be anything from being gentler with yourself, feeling more self-confident, or exploring some of your sensual fantasies. Let me know in the comments section below <3

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  3. The science and art behind touchless orgasms and 5 ways they can benefit you
  4. A powerful practice led by me to experience the transformational power holistic energy therapy has on your own body/energy system
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