Sexual Energy Blocks Release

How does one release sexual shame/blocks? This is one of the most common questions I get. It is very much possible to work through our internalized blockages and deeper align with our authentic expression!

  • The first step is always awareness – knowing where you tend to get stagnant, and which thoughts/beliefs are preventing you from changing your behaviour is crucial. In my practice we accomplish this by experiencing a Multidimensional Body scan and focus on deep inner reflection (Download yours here:
  • The next step is to become clear about your goals, intentions and the WHY that stands behind wanting to change. Answering the question “Why it is so important for me to change right now?” allows us to stay on track when the going gets tough
  • Third step is to start exploring practices and tools that allow you to start releasing the outdated beliefs and embracing your wonderfully confident, sexy new self.

Join me for a FREE masterclass where I’m going to walk you through 5 important keys to embracing your sexual confidence

  1. How our blockages get formed and ways we can dissolve them to achieve deeper connections, pleasure, and openness
  2. The exact tools and practices that will support you on your healing and pleasure discovery journey
  3. The science and art behind touchless orgasms and 5 ways they can benefit you
  4. A powerful practice led by me to experience the transformational power holistic energy therapy has on your own body/energy system
  5. 10 practical steps you can take today to channel your sexual energy

Join Free Sexual Confidence Masterclass Now:

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