Inner Peace, Pleasurable Activities

Do you notice feeling down and stressed? You might be asking yourself the following question: “How do I align with more pleasure in your life?” One of my close friends set an intention to embrace her emotional wellness and continuously raise her vibrations. I love this intention as negative thinking and stress affect our overall well-being multidimensionally. 

Try this incredible approach I teach in my Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace course and let me know if you find it helpful:

Handout # 5: Pleasurable Activities

Feel into and list any activities you find pleasurable and implement them in your daily routines (please create your list for each of the following sections).

Physically Joyful
(Exercising, dancing, experiencing pleasure, taking a bath, going for a walk, hugging trees, petting an animal, hugging friends, cuddling, getting a massage, gardening)

Intellectually Stimulating
(Reading a book, learning a new skill, enrolling into a class/school, listening to a podcast, developing a creative idea, watching a powerful movie, taking part in a debate)

Emotionally Soothing
(Connecting to loved ones, listening to upbeat happy music, watching a funny movie, writing a list of loving self-affirmations, feeling gratitude, taking photographs/painting / playing music, offering random acts of kindness, volunteering)

Energetically / Spiritually Uplifting
(Meditating, joining a yoga/meditation group, spending time in nature, looking at the stars, traveling, reading elevating books, journaling

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