Inner Peace, Judgemental Inner Voice

Do you notice how you might be stopping yourself from achieving your goals and dreams? The single most useful practice I teach my clients is to recognize their inner judgemental voice also called a SuperEgo.

Some of us might not even notice having this energy inside, but if we get quiet and deeply listen, we become aware of this internalized parental voice quite quickly. This is the voice that tells us we’re not good enough, it’s the voice responsible for feeling like an imposter and it is the voice that brings our confidence and self-esteem down.

The following two practices are from Hero’s Journey to Inner Peace Course. This powerful framework allows you to notice, question, and turn around these judgemental, hate-filled thoughts.

Experiential #6: Becoming aware of your SuperEgo

  • Try to become aware of the SuperEgo voice in your head, witness it from the outside, and notice the messages it sends out and the reactions it causes in you
  • Take the ‘chatter’ with a grain of salt and question whether what SuperEgo is saying is something that you find true or simply a notion instilled by the society you don’t believe in anymore

Practice #13: Superego / Negative Self-talk

Through the identification of negative self-talk, a mind clouded with negativity can be trained to view life more objectively, and positively. Use the Negative Self Talk Worksheet #11 to record each negative thought you have about yourself for an entire day, along with how each thought made you feel. Include the trigger – where you were, or what you were doing when you had the negative thought.

Immediately challenge each thought by identifying why that thought might not be true. Armed with this evidence, record an alternative thought, say it aloud, and write down how it made you feel.

If you feel a thought has merit and a change may be necessary – turn it into a more balanced thought:

  • Write down a trigger when you noticed a negative/harsh judgment
  • Identify the negative thought
  • Note the associated emotion (how the thought made you feel)
  • Now switch the thought into a more balanced one (affirmation)
  • Notice how the emotion shifts as you replace the harsh judgment
  • To strengthen the shift, you can also add three memories/statements from your life that support the balanced thought along with positive affirmations
  • Set an intention of aligning deeper with the authentic self and questioning the SuperEgo voice without automatically absorbing it in your energy field

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