FREE Practitioner Certification Webinar, Energy Orgasms – September 15, Join!

If you’re a coach, massage therapist or alternative health practitioner with a passion for enhancing clients’ well-being, deep healing and sensual liberation…

There is a clear, unmet need in the intimacy and wellness industry that you could be filling. In fact, the sexual wellness and personal development market (valued at US$21.26 billion) is set to rapidly grow at a CAGR of 9.2% during the next few years. You could fill this gap by learning powerful, research-backed tools that go beyond just talking or relieving symptoms and instead address the root cause by transforming the nervous system and conditioned beliefs…

Get professionally certified as an Integrated Energy Orgasm Healing Practitioner from anywhere in the world! Unleash Synergy Energy Orgasm Healing practitioner certification program is a 5-month immersive, highly experiential, transformational course that is structured on a strong healing / professional energy work foundation.

Becoming a specialist in energetic, healing-based intimacy coaching will not only expand your existing client practice…

It will also allow you to truly make a difference in your clients’ lives by taking a holistic and proven approach to health and wellness.

If you’re curious to learn more, you’re invited to our FREE online love and relationship coaching event where you’ll learn all about:

  • The tools and methodology used to create lasting healing change
  • How to become a certified Energy Orgasm Practitioner
  • And how to uplevel your practice by offering these services

Join me for this FREE Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training Intro Webinar on September 15th at 12 pm to learn how this program can benefit you! Can’t make it? Register and get a recording copy.

When: September 15, 12.00 PM
Where: Online (link sent upon registration)
Price: FREE
Sign Up:

Learn more about Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Program:

Watch the Energy Orgasm video with Meg:

Hear what Sarah Felt during our session:

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