Unlock Your Energetic Potential: Join the Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training

Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Training 5-month course is founded on science-based theoretical knowledge, combined with modern-day healing arts experientials, powerful energetic practices, and body-based healing experientials, guided meditations, in-depth live instruction, comprehensive homework and supervision as well as one on one teaching sessions that multidimensionally aid at best transformational results.

  • Enjoy 10 incredibly informative videos that take you step by step through the healing / sexual wellness liberation journey
  • 2 bonus live sessions recorded with real clients with real-life feedback and tips
  • 100-page workbook with detailed science-based and modern-day energy medicine/psychology theory/practice exercises
  • 25 practices and powerful body/mind/heart/spirit experientials
  • 10 handouts and fill-out sheets
  • Numerous guided meditations
  • Ability to book a personalized guided experience/homework feedback guidance every step of the way

Powerful knowledge, delivered in a well-structured way so you have all of the tools you need to get to the level of practitioner facilitation you desire. Go ahead, register for the Free Masterclass, and let this exciting, empowering, and life-changing journey begin!

When: September 15, 12.00 PM
Where: Online (link sent upon registration)
Price: FREE
Sign Up: https://unleashsynergy.as.me/EnergyOrgasm

Learn more about Energy Orgasm Practitioner Certification Program:

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