Dating & Relationship Survey

I’m in the process of creating offers focused on helping to uncover personal, sexual and relational needs, overcome painful relational patterns, embrace the best version of yourself, deepen your relationship or successfully attract potential partner(s) if dating.

So I’m here today to ask if you could answer this short survey, which will help me tremendously to learn more about how I can best serve YOU!

In exchange for 10 minutes of your time, I will be selecting 5 lucky people to hop on a FREE 20 minute Transformational Call with me, so I can help you with a strategy to solve your problems and reach your goals, absolutely FREE OF CHARGE. Additionally, I will send the Passion & Love Bonus Bundle ($750 Value) to thank you for your time and kindness (please see the details below)!

Dating & Relationship Survey

I appreciate your time and willingness to help me out, and I am getting ready and looking forward to start sharing great content with you again really soon.

Passion & Love Bonus Bundle with Your Survey Contribution ($750 Value)**:

  1. Sexual Confidence Masterclass to learn 5 important keys to embracing your sexual confidence ($299 Value)
  2. The Best You Masterclass to learn 5 important keys to embracing inner peace, self-confidence, and deep fulfillment. ($299 Value)
  3. 10 Ways to Channel Your Sexual Energy Booklet to embrace blissful pleasure ($99 Value)
  4. 9 Steps to Boost Self Confidence Booklet to embrace feeling confident and desirable ($99 Value)
  5. Unleash Passion Play Date Ideas to blow your partner’s mind and spark passionate intimacy ($99 Value)
  6. Alice in PolyLand PDF book of erotica and practical tips to indulge into alternative relationships/sexuality lifestyle ($29 Value)
  7. Love + Passion Coupons for spicy date nights ($29 Value)
  8. Daily Grounding & Intention Setting Positivity Routine Meditation to start your days right ($99 Value)
  9. Deep Energy Healing Meditation for deep healing transformation ($99 Value)
  10. Intention Manifestation Meditation to achieve your ultimate dreams ($99 Value)
  11. Multidimensional Body Scan Meditation to deepen your connection with yourself and start releasing your blockages and experience profound pleasure ($99 Value)

**Our Holiday Deals Promotion ends December 31!

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