Holiday Offer – Incredible 20% off The Nookie’s Exclusive Sensuality products

I‘m squealing with joy!! Starting now, you can enjoy a world of pleasure and intimacy at The Nookie, Toronto’s exclusive sensuality shop, founded by Veronica Kazoleas at an incredible 20% OFF. As a social psychologist and former healthcare executive, Veronica has curated a unique space in the prestigious Yorkville shopping district for those seeking a more intimate and informed approach to sensuality.

Why The Nookie?

At The Nookie, pleasure is celebrated in all its forms. Nookie’s curated selection includes body-safe pleasure products (yes, we’re talking about luxurious sex toys), exquisite lingerie, and educational materials to empower you on your journey. What sets Nookie apart? Their commitment to providing a comfortable and inclusive environment where everyone can explore their desires with confidence.

Here’s How to Unlock 20% Off Your Pleasure:

  1. Visit The Nookie at or in person (the lower level at 128 1/2 Cumberland St in Toronto)
  2. Explore the incredible collection of body-safe pleasure products and luxury lingerie.
  3. Use code spiritsexlab at checkout (or in person at the store) to enjoy an exclusive 20% discount.

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