Conquer from within

“Conquer from within.” Unknown Whenever a difficult situation strikes – what is our typical response? To assign blame? Act as a victim? […]

Always be

“Always be a little kinder than you need to be.” Unknown Kindness goes a long way. As people, we are all going […]

BDSM Play Lab

Want to play a little game? Given: sensual rope, collar, paddle, nipple clamps and Wartenbeeg wheel Please tell me the spiciest fantasy […]


Grateful, happy & content ?That’s how I’m feeling when I get feedback such as this! ? So please send me more for […]

Loving Yourself

Loving yourself The process of removing blocks associated with the stored shame and guilt comes down to identifying those parts of ourselves […]

My essence

Just got into a discussion about spirituality + sexuality and it got heated and personal… There’s a lot of misunderstanding around ideas […]

We accept

Our personal boundaries and expectations of how others will treat us are directly related to how much we treasure and love ourselves.

Life shrinks of expands

I often notice my inner critic (SuperEgo) telling me “Who are you to shoot so high? Why do you think what you […]