Life Force: 03

So what does it take to accept and authentically express your sexuality, to listen to the voice within that leads you into […]

Love Rests

“Love rests on two pillars: surrender and autonomy. Our need for togetherness exists alongside our need for separateness.” ― Esther Perel

life force 2

Life Force 02

Governments, religions are some of the external forces that try to oppose and control our sexual expression. What drives these internal and […]

life force 1

Life Force 01

I’d like to now talk to you guys about sexual shame, guilt, body awareness and confidence. Here’s a first part of the […]

Releasing Blocks

Releasing Blocks There are techniques that Tantra practitioners could use to help clients release blocks in their bodies. The less blockages one […]

Energetic Blocks

Energetic Blocks Health equals energy exchange. We have multiple energy centers ((tag #spiritsexlab_chakras) that take in and expel energy of different frequencies […]

Amazing value package

I have just added an amazing Value Package for energy healing/sex education sessions with you in mind! Yes you!! 🙂 For on-going […]

Many women

“Many women don’t know what orgasm is. Many men don’t know was total orgasm is. Many only achieve a local orgasm, a […]