Meditative Visualization

Meditative Visualization Technique Follow the same format of quieting down your mind as in the technique above. Once you feel sufficiently relaxed […]

Intuitive Writing

Intuitive Writing Technique Find a quiet place and sit or lay down with your eyes closed. Take a few deep breaths and […]


Everything is set up for a Healing… Blissful, relaxing, deep

Brain States

Four Brain States Most of the guidance is usually received in a Theta brain wave state. Below are a few facts about […]

Receiving Guidance

Guardian Angels According to many spiritual teachings, a guardian angel is a part of our whole being that “oversees” us while we’re […]

Guardian Angels

Guardian Angels or Your Higher Self Intense white light… I’m laying down, on my back, immersed into a trance/meditative state. Sensing lots […]

A Hooded Angel

There was one more detail that I didn’t share with you guys when telling my story about one of my strongest meditative […]


“Be – don’t try to become” – Osho Embodying who we are each day may be challenging… Outside judgments surround us especially […]

Fantasy Play Workshop Aftermath

We had a wonderful workshop on Friday speaking about Spirituality and Sexuality, practicing Tantra and sensing into energy all around and among ourselves. […]

Energy and Prostate Play – Workshop

Very excited about the “Energy Exchange and Prostate Play” workshop I’m leading tomorrow as part of a Sex School at Oasis Aqualounge. Come […]