Spiritual Connection

Spiritual Connection
Spiritual Connection

What is spiritual connection to you? There’s no right or wrong answer here… Everything is welcome. Whatever it may be for different people – the nature, higher consciousness, universal energy, love…

I believe that we all have a spark inside of us, a beautiful core essence, our own light. The light in us is made out of the fabric of love, acceptance and connection. Everyone else around us regardless of the beliefs they hold, the way they look or have been brought up has a similar light inside as does the Universe.

What is the significance of this light you ask, of the connection with it? Based on my studies, here’s my understanding of the importance of our connection with the source. Each of us has a personal and life tasks on this Earth. The personal one could be to experience the power of love, overcome adversary, learn to not judge others and oneself. The life task is similar to a meaning of life but on a grander scale if you may. It’s rooted in the personal task – i.e. teach others what you’ve learned about love, coach your children, share wisdom at work, run support groups, inspire by example, spread your passion and joy among others etc.

When you’re fully in touch with your inner core and are magnificently embodying your gifts, you tend to be happy and joyous. Some of us feel disconnected from the source and feel a sense of loss or inability to get in touch with their true self, they may also feel like imposters. Others feel the faint connection and would love to sense more into it.

The following techniques could be helpful in accessing the space of receiving divine guidance.

  • Divine Levels Focus – clearing any blocks one might have in relation to the divine/spirituality
  • Spiritual Levels Clearing – balancing and working on spiritual levels of human energy field
  • Core essence infusion – infusing and lifting one’s essence to feel the higher consciousness within

All healing sessions are available as private / couple’s sessions at a convenient for you time. These take place in my North York Studio (just a short walk from a North York / Finch Subway stations) or Long Distance (with an option to record the session so you can replay the healing session as a reminder of topics discussed as well as repeatedly bathe in the healing energy channelled through the recording)

Please Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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