Meditation on Body-Centered Emotions – 10/12/2018

body centered emotions

I’m thrilled to be teaching Meditation on Body-Centered Emotions at Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto (GCGT). This wonderful organization is a registered charity that is making an important difference for cancer patients, their family and friends in the Greater Toronto Area.

Where: Gilda’s Club Greater Toronto (GCGT)
When: October 12, 2018, 1.00pm
Price: Complimentary

Meditation on Body-Centered Emotions

Going through cancer could be a very emotional and highly stressful journey. This workshop focuses on teaching a mindful way of working through pain, fear, anger and anxiety. During our session, we will be learning of various ways of bringing awareness to our emotions, identifying them, processing and applying a healing response.

  • Body scan mindfulness meditation – relaxation and awareness
  • Identifying the energetic / emotional blockages and various body-centered emotions
  • Learning about emotional waves and ways of working through difficult emotions
  • Identifying Wounded children, SuperEgo, Shadow and Essence parts of our personalities
  • Healing response and other energetic techniques to work through fear, pain, anger and/or anxiety
  • Experientials and Worksheets

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