Connection: Self, SuperEgo


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SuperEgo is the internalized parental voice that frequently judges us. Becoming aware of this voice is the first step towards deeper awareness and self love.

Many of us send harsh and judgemental messages toward ourselves without even realizing we’re doing it. There’s a constant chatter in our heads – a voice that evaluates, a voice that condemns. This voice is called a superego – ‘internalized parental voices’ that constantly compare us with an ideal, a perfection. Lots of anxiety and shame/guilt may result from listening to this voice without a discernment. That is why it’s important to witness it and question the ideas it sends out.

Loving others, feeling confident in one’s skin always starts with self-acceptance and love. Finding out your unique voice and not being afraid of expressing the authenticity.

TIP: Try to become aware of the SuperEgo voice in your head, witness from the outside and notice the messages it’s sending and the reactions it causes in you. Take the ‘chatter’ with a grain of salt and question whether what SuperEgo is saying something that you find true or is simply a notion instilled by the society you don’t believe in anymore.

Love and accept yourself just as you are – physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually. We all have room for growth and yet we are all beautifully divine at any given moment. Give yourself a big loving hug. Spend time doing things you love. Take yourself out on a date. Enjoy your presence. Notice how beautiful you are, you truly deserve it.

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