The Wild Woman

The Wild Woman

The more I spend time in nature, the better I feel the energy of water – strength, calmness that’s hiding a storm, flexibility and surrender.

The more a lay on the dock, I embrace the power of wind – it teaches me to weather any circumstance and adjust to the divine order of things.

I watch animals, insects and plants and notice the orchestrated harmony they live in – the rhythm of nature…

The more I look at fire – I embrace the power of blissful passion and strength of desire.

The more I walk on Mother Earth I connect with all of the women that came before me and everyone that will come after. The sisterhood. The roots. My energy deepens and frequency slows down and grounds.

The more I spend time in nature I embody the wild woman that lives in me. Is she in you too? Or maybe it’s time to go home before I transform into someone else ??
#Дикая #женщина. Пора домой ?

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