Squirting & G-Spot Orgasms Workshop | Private Tour – 09/07/2018 – Aftermath

G spot Orgasm

I was pumped! G-Spot materials binder – check! Private Tour handouts – check! Red lipstick – check!

Imagine going into a sex club to meet a courageous and playful couple ready and open to learn new things and explore this Sensual Adult Playground! Then teaching in front of a full house about the Power House called clitoris, step by step process of achieving mind blowing orgasms including fingering, penetration and toy usage techniques.

As usual, I was a bit nervous going in… No matter how much I prep, I always feel a bit of a jitter prior to speaking in front of a group, hoping the material would be useful and well received. Then felt lots of adrenaline teaching and being on stage. I love the joy of seeing everyone’s faces, feeling the energy exchange and knowing that I’m contributing by bringing more playful, allowing and encouraging energy into the mix.

Funny story – prior to coming in, I told my partner I was feeling a bit nervous and very excited about presenting. You know what he said? “Imagine the people naked, you’ll feel right at ease”. Haha majority of people ARE naked at the Club! Perhaps that explains the ease of connection. Awesome group of people and lots of participation. Thank you so much!

In a live IG feed after the event I’ve mentioned that after the presentation I had a deep conversation with someone who’s reflected back to me how powerful she felt I was. She’s followed me through my cancer treatment this past year and mentioned that she found my courage inspirational. I felt my heart open. Of course I didn’t always feel powerful or courageous going through cancer – it’s really a messy process… You have your highs and lows and anything in between…

But that reflection meant so much to me, because no matter what I still follow my passion. The issues we go through don’t have to define us. They can make us stronger. And we give meaning to the events, not vice versa. I now look back and feel I’ve received a tonne of gifts through my healing journey. Strengthening my focus on priorities, being able to feel more compassion towards those struggling with health issues, living even more in the moment and following my dreams. What a full night it was. Very grateful xoxo

P. S. The Tour participants have shared with me today that they’ve really enjoyed their stay. Tested the G Spot theory on practice and woo-hoo Achieved the squirting orgasm! Good for you guys xoxo


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