Staying in Shape: P3

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Exercise and Lifestyle

To check out Part One of the Staying in Shape Series Please Follow this Link , Part Two is Here.

  • Listen to your body, take exercise at your own level, gently push your comfort limits to grow
  • My routine includes 2 days a week of intense cardio (step) and 1-2 of muscle conditioning (power yoga)
  • I switch it up from time to time to keep my body engaged (cycling, weights, running etc.)
  • Nothing is impossible – so set the goals for yourself and follow through by celebrating little victories!
  • Seek support and community (class exercise, gym buddy, personal trainer)


  • Consistency and patience are the key
  • Prioritize and align with healthy lifestyle
  • Make a choice to take the stairs instead of an escalator/driving, choose physically challenging leisure activities that you’d enjoy
  • I love dancing, walking, biking, rock climbing – so these come in addition to my typical exercise routine
  • Whenever I have a choice to move or stand still – I move…

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