Venetian Ball Aftermath

kink party

About Saturday Night Kink Party

  • IMAGINE a fantasy dungeon with multiple fantasy rooms for any taste/play (swipe to see more)
  • Beautiful and playful people wearing masks, sensual lingerie, leather, corsets…
  • Sensual sounds of spanking, friendly banter, moans, laughter and occasional scream
  • Yesterday’s show took part in a sensual boudoir room. I’ve explained how BDSM works, ways to tantalize senses, ignite desire, try out different fantasies using elements of role play, sensation play etc. We went over safety, negotiations and started setting up our scene! ?
  • Our model was a beautiful young woman who was terrified of tickling her whole life! She’s been working so hard to reach this point of tickling mastery with her wonderful guide. This was the last step in her long journey towards the freedom and power!
  • The naked woman laid on bed while we marked her body with blue markers to outline most ticklish areas.
  • Then we gradually explored her with multiple brushes, feathers, nails, fingers. One by one and all together. To the culmination of the whole room tickling her for 2 whole minutes!!
  • Her Journey was not an easy one – she experienced everything from laughter to fear and panic. We’ve kept checking in with her ensuring on-going consent of course!
  • At last, she passed the test and got her certificate! Everyone had a ton of fun.

I got lots of amazing feedback in clouding: “Alice in Polyland, Your scene was fantastic. Thank you for facilitating such an engaging workshop and to your lovely duo as well! Laughter is contagious after all!”

DM to apply & join my next tour as a model or a participant! ??

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