You’ll see it when you believe it

see it, believe it

“You’ll see it when you believe it.”
Wayne Dyer

A few days ago an unusual experience happened to me. During a healing as I was working on energy movement, balance and charge, a vision came to me: an information download, a premonition, an intuitive finding… Does it ever happen to you?

Many years ago, I used to question these visions, not believe and dismiss the guidance. With time I learned to trust and just go with the flow. This time I was shown that if I place my hand on a certain part of the body with a specific intention, it would charge the area a lot stronger than I typically would using any other techniques I’ve followed to date. It seemed strange, but I trusted the vision. Believed it. Went for it. And as soon as I placed my fingers as I was shown, the client’s body started shaking quite strongly from the healing energy rising up their vertical power current. Making the Energy Orgasm movement a lot more powerful.

That’s when I got it – the secret everyone talked about: see it, know it and live as if it already happened. And it will. Have you tried this?

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