Scavenger Hunt Letters

Letter hunt game
Scavenger Hunt Letters

The time has come for me to tell you all about a game I recently played with the Mystery Man: Letters Scavenger Hunt

This is a great idea to do if you’d like spice things up, add mystery, excitement and playfulness into your connection; as one of our core needs according to Esther Perel is to experience excitement / unpredictability and mystery! Please save this, like, tag and share with others.

Prepare a 5-6 letters, these could be organized and numbered according to a sequence in which you’d like your partner to find these or may just be scattered around the house:

  • First letter may be placed on a bed side table / underneath a pillow or given in person so that it’s easily found
  • The rest of the letters can be hidden around a house with hints on where to find them included in each of the letters or marked by visual identifiers (flowers) for better visual clues

Here are a few ideas on what each of the letters may contain:

  • Good morning letter (first letter they will open – start to a new day and great day wishes, introducing the game)
  • Business day letter (letting them know how much you are inspired by their work ethic, leadership skills or investment into the future)
  • Playful sexy letter (reminiscing about your best memories and fantasies together, Painting with Lust practice (mentioned here:
  • Incredible chef / Parent letter (noting all of the incredible qualities they posses and how they take care of their loved ones, followed by a secret lunch box hidden in the fridge for them to enjoy)
  • Workout inspiration letter (include a note mentioning how inspired you are by their dedication and investment into their health)
  • Painting with Love letter (mention everything you love about them:

More fun tips: get creative with adding little gifts, spraying your perfume or kissing letters with a lipstick 😉

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