Download Free Healing Body Scan Meditation

Healing Body Scan Meditation

FREE Healing Body Scan Meditation – Compliments of Spirit Sex Lab

In the midst of this COVID Crisis, wanted to share the POWERFUL GUIDED Healing, Calming, Clearing and charging body scan meditation for you to DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!

The Healing Body Scan Meditation contains

  • Soothing sounds of nature and water droplets
  • Amazing trance-inducing music of Singing Bowls composed by me
  • My gentle voice (did I mention a sexy Russian accent lol?) leading you through a healing journey adventure into the depths of your body, heart, mind and soul
  • Guidance on recognizing internal blockages and how to clear them away
  • Energetic frequency waves embedded into the audio helping you feel recharged and grounded

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P. S. Gorgeous photo by wonderful Darius Bashar – I just magically tend to be drawn to his photos for my designs!

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