Q and A: Sex Club Protection

What do I need to know about sexual protection?

Question: While I understand there’s a certain amount of risk involved in any kind of group play, what’s the standard here? Do you use condoms for everything, including oral? Dental dams? How does that work with group play, where you’re changing positions and partners frequently? Also my wife is allergic to latex condoms. Is everyone going to be find if we bring our own?


Thank you so much for your questions! Please see my answers below (Join my Exclusive Upcoming Sex Club Tour, June 24th for a safe and fun way to explore this alternative community: https://unleashsynergy.as.me/sexclubtour)

  • Educate yourself about potential STI risks, make sure to communicate and share important information about testing, types of tests done, number of partners and unprotected sexual experiences prior to setting up a play scene
  • Please consider researching and discussing STI protection as part of your self-care routine with a medical professional
  • Please keep in mind that certain types of STIs such as HPV (Human papillomavirus) and HSP 1 and 2 (Cold sores and genital herpes) are not being tested for unless there are symptoms
  • Another important point to remember is asymptomatic shedding of these viruses takes place regardless of the presence of any types of symptoms and the viruses are contracted skin to skin (condoms do not provide 100% protection)
  • Sex Clubs usually provide STI protection such as condoms, at times dental dam, they also have lube. If you have specific allergies or preferences it’s always great to bring your own STI protection with you

I always recommend advocating for yourself and not being afraid to use too much protection for the fear of being misunderstood. If you only feel comfortable engaging orally using dental dam / condoms, just make that clear from the beginning. Toys, mutual masturbation and non sexual kink play may also be fund ways to engage with others without too much additional risk.

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