Inner Peace, Flying Birds Emotional Balance Technique

A few days ago, I mentioned using this powerful Flying Birds technique in my IG post (@spiritsexlab). I often use it when I’m feeling emotional and have a need for clarity and processing. The following description suggests to approach this technique at home, I often like practicing it during a forest walk while having a conversation with myself out loud (apologies to innocent bystanders that might be wondering why I’m talking to myself :)). Here’s how you would do it, please try and let me know if it was useful.

Emotional Balance Technique #1: Flying Birds

  • Lay down in a quiet room, take a few deep breaths into your belly and notice the way your body, emotional / energetic fields feel right now
  • Become aware and connected to the emotions that are alive in you at the moment
  • Keep breathing into them focusing intently on where they are located and what they feel like
  • Imagine as though your emotions are birds flying around in a large open space while recognizing that you are not your emotions
  • The true you are the observer, the space, the vast container in which the birds are flying
  • Once you stop attaching yourself to the emotions, zoom out and witness them from a side – the pain becomes a lot more manageable to handle
  • Name the emotions and recognize all of the birds without judging them to be good or bad
  • Once you give each of them your proper attention (awareness, acceptance and surrender) – they may start expressing themselves and eventually quiet down
  • Notice how this exercise made you feel in comparison to how you’ve begun (Flying Birds technique may allow for more space, comfort, grounding, contentment and understanding)

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