Energy Orgasm: P2

energy orgasm
Energy Orgasm Part Two

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He starts to involuntarily move with the rhythmical passes of her hands. Shocked by the palpable sensations going through his body without her directly touching him, he gasps. The amplitude of his bodily movement increases with each pass of the hands she makes.

Client’s eyes are closed. He’s looking deeply inside of himself. The man has now succumbed to a power of the pleasant Energetic Movements. Ecstatic waves going through his body, taking him deeper into a magical world of ecstasy.

Suddenly all he hears is a white noise. All he sees is bright white light. His body moving uncontrollably, Soul feeling connected to others around him. In a blissful moment of oneness, love and total acceptance.

The Healer stops the energy movement and places her hands on his Heart and the Forehead. A healing is taking place right in front of her, she’s in full attunement of his body and soul at the moment. A force greater than herself is working through her to allow for deeper integration and healing to take place.

Long minutes pass until he opens his eyes. Relaxed. Deeply touched. In a state of bliss.

The profound connection he felt with the universe and himself cannot be simply described by words… What a magical experience to have… Energetic orgasm. Ultimate union with the universe… Total oneness…

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