Sexual Pleasure Guidance

Sexual Guidance
Sexual Pleasure Guidance

A tall, well-mannered, stylish young man has visited my healing studio recently. He was well educated, accomplished and soft-spoken. The reason for coming to the studio was inability to connect with the sexual force inside of him, he was also experiencing erectile dysfunction difficulties.

We’ve talked at length about his life, background and he mentioned how judgemental he’s been towards himself, how he focused on negatives and really didn’t believe he was a decent human being. We’ve started a session, worked through a few of energetic, emotional blocks he had inside and spoke of a few beliefs he held that were not working for him anymore.

When we went to a healing table, I noticed how prickly and angry his field felt. When one hates themselves, the energy they experience and give off is that of a dried up dessert without an ounce of water in sight. What is that water you’d ask? Love.

I have focused on balancing, charging and enriching his energy field with healing frequency of unconditional and self acceptance. I immediately felt a great flow, energy and charge building in his field especially around the 2nd chakra (Sexual Energy center). When he got off the table, he asked me if it were ok to feel a bit aroused. I assured him that when a large quantity of energy runs through you, excitement is a totally normal sensation to feel.

As his body has allowed unconditional love in, the sexual center has opened along with the rest of the field’s expansion. Human life force that is connected to our sexual/sensual energy centers is one of the most vital and powerful ways to connect to our own sexual expression, creativity as well as a partner’s sacred life force. Charged, open and aligned expression of sexual/sensual energy brings limitless pleasure, deeper connection, stronger expression of one’s essence.

Evguenia uses a few techniques that enhance and deepen sexual pleasure and connection for individuals and couples:

To read more on Sexual Guidance services I offer, please follow This Link.

All healing sessions are available as private / couple’s sessions at a convenient for you time. These take place in my North York Studio (just a short walk from a North York / Finch Subway stations) or Long Distance (with an option to record the session so you can replay the healing session as a reminder of topics discussed as well as repeatedly bathe in the healing energy channelled through the recording)

Please Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to learn more. My heart’s biggest desire is to help others fully accept themselves and live happy and passion-filled lives!

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