CBT: Super Ego / Negative Self Talk

CBT: Super Ego / Negative Self Talk

How are you feeling today? As promised, I’m continuing to share incredibly helpful stress release techniques I use in my practice. If you find these helpful, please like, share and tag your friends! xoxo

Today, we’re going to talk about Super Ego. Some call it an internalized parental voice, others – negative self talk. Have you noticed this voice in you? Please let me know what it typically tells you, when it gets triggered etc.

As we’re going through the crisis, many of us identify with negative self talk. However, a mind clouded with negativity can be trained to view life more objectively, and positively. Using the Negative Self Talk Diagram, you can to record each negative thought and have about yourself / the world / situation for an entire day, along with how each thought made you feel. Include the trigger – where you were, or what you were doing when you had the negative thought.

Immediately challenge each thought by identifying why that thought might not be true. Armed with this evidence, record an alternative thought, say it aloud, and write down how it made you feel.

You have an ability to change your mood in an instant by identifying the thoughts and challenging them. Please let me know how it goes!

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