Connection: Oneself

Connection Self

Today, I’d like to focus on a connection to oneself and shed some light as to what is happening inside of us. So much of my work is centered around facilitating deep connection with ourselves. Once we know what is happening inside our minds, hearts and bodies – we will have better tools to deal with emotions, struggles and obstacles in life (to experience this firsthand, please reach out for your free 20 minute consultation today:

We have so many energies, voices and frequencies that surround and penetrate our bodies… Field’s theory suggests that everything is comprised of infinitely vibrating fields of energy. Furthermore, we are comprised of 99.99% space. So who are we?

Are we the emotions that we feel? Are we the hurtful judgemental voice we hear inside our heads? Are we the energy of love and connection? Or are we the image of perfection some of us project from our social media accounts (guilty lol)?

Human beings are complex collections of various energetic frequencies and personality attributes. Below is a list of main actors on our internal stage, are you able to recognize a few? Which ones do you feel play the more prominent roles in your life? And which ones are hiding in the shadows? I will write a post on each of these Energetic Entities in the coming weeks:

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